How do things fly?  What are the forces of flight?  How do aircraft work?  Could Dumbo really have got off the ground?!

This is one of our favourite topics, unravelling the mysteries of flight in an east to understand and fun way.  Through interactive demonstrations and hands-on craft activities, the science will be explained.

Working at an age-appropriate level, we cover:

  • Lift

  • Gravity

  • Thrust

  • Drag

  • Aerodynamics

  • Engineering and Technology


The great thing about having a fully interactive model, with working control surfaces, is the audience can feel the shape of the wing, move the rudder, elevator and ailerons, spin the propeller, and even change the pitch of the prop blades.


We look at each force of flight, with the audience participating in the practical demonstrations.  

Eg:  Lift is created in three main ways, so we use scooters and sharks, fish and river beds, straws and cups, to memorably demonstrate the principles of the Coanda Effect, Bernoulli, and Newton's Third Law of Motion.  Complicated theorem suddenly becomes great fun! For secondary schools, or an older audience, we increase the complexity of the language and delve far deeper into the physics and maths.


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