For secondary school pupils, we significantly ramp up the complexity of technical processes and terminology.

We also explore how the technology of yesteryear is still in use today, albeit in newer forms.

With our interactive model and accompanying enrichment activities, we want your children's time with Sci-Hi Education to be inspirational, exciting, and thoroughly engaging.

We aim to make young people aware of the wonderful, wider world of STEM careers.

The unique nature of our programme presentations means we build up a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

Examples include:

  • The Science of Flight

  • The History of Aviation

  • The Battle of Britain

  • Women in Aviation


Activity duration


The programme timings are flexible, but the recommended duration is between 60 to 90 minutes per group.  Our 90 minute sessions allow us to include an additional group activity challenge, plus a multi-player recap quiz.


Group activities depend on the age range of the students, but normally include any of the following:


  •  Design, test and fly a Magnus Glider

  •  A Range and Angle target calculator challenge

  •  Multi-player recipe quiz


Group sizes

  • The model build and Science of Flight demonstrations enable a class of up to 36 students to all have a chance to participate in the presentation.

  • We can also do large scale assembly presentations to much bigger group, although the amount of audience participation with the model will be limited.




Once we arrive at your venue, we require 30 minutes of set-up time. Given the size of model (approx 3x3 metres), an assembly hall or sports hall is an ideal location.  A large classroom will also work, but bear in mind we need enough space to move around the model during construction

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